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The interior parks of Zambia are often referred to as the ‘gems of Africa’. These vast areas are teeming with wildlife and visitors often feel as if they have the whole country to themselves. Zambia pioneered the concept of walking safaris, a ‘heart thumping’ way to observe larger animals close up and to appreciate the smaller denizens of the bush.

Accommodations: Small lodges and tented camps, some larger hotels in Livingstone.

Game Viewing: Open vehicles, canoes and boats, with an emphasis on bush walks.

Getting Around: Ground transport, small regional flights and water transfer.

Other Attractions: Zambia takes its name from the Zambezi River which stretches from the northwest corner of the country and also forms its southern boundary. River rafting, bungee jumping and microlight flights are all offered at Victoria Falls, one of Zambia’s most impressive sights.

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